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Bluefin & Yellowfin TUNA FISHING

Bluefin Tuna fishing in the Northeast can be some of the most exciting fishing the Montauk and Block Island area has to offer Sailing out of New London, CT we can be on the Tuna grounds within 2 hours most of the time. 

Generally we prefer the Jig and Pop style of tuna fishing, This means we look for "life" and start casting to the tuna. all of our gear is top notch and provided to you at no additional costs. This includes, fighting belts, high end tackle, jigs, poppers, spreader bars and bait if needed. 

The season for north east Tuna fishing usually starts in July and can run into November weather and fish permitting. 

Yellowfin Tuna and Mahi Mahi usually make their way into our area in August and will stay as long as the water temperatures stay relatively warm. 

Bluefin Tuna fishing can be extremely exerting on you. please be prepared to be pushed to limits, avoid late nights and drinking before your trip.

Some things to bring:

Camera with video capabilities: Aside from the fishing, it is very common to see whales, dolphins and other forms of sea life that is comparable to something you would see on a National Geographic show!

Change of clothes for after the trip, our marina is equipped with full bathroom facilities for your use. Take a shower and freshen up after a long trip while your fish are cleaned.

sun screen, sunglasses, easily eaten food, water and other hydrating drinks, a cooler to keep in your car to keep your catch cold on your way home.


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