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Montauk & Block Island

Trophy Striped Bass Fishing

Montauk Striper Fishing


Montauk is at the easternmost tip of Long Island and juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is close to the Gulf Stream, which has a great and favorable influence on the local climate. Montauk is generally cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in winter.

Montauk is surrounded by water on three sides. The outgoing tides from the bays and Block Island Sound funnel baitfish past the point and its historic lighthouse, and down the beach. During their fall migration, striped bass are waiting to intercept them. Montauk is one of the finest places in the world to fish for striped bass. During the fall striped-bass migration, there are blitzes like no other place on earth.

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Block Island Striper Fishing


The island is well known for the great fishing in the waters around the island, especially for striped bass. Striped bass can be caught there from May to November

Stripers can be caught from both shore and boat. They can be caught during the day, but you can catch more and bigger ones at night.

Good spots to fish from the shore include the beaches below Mohegan Bluffs and Black Rock Point. Crescent Beach, the North Rips, Southwest Ledge and the jetty at Poop Shoot are also good. Maybe the most productive spots on the island are at the entrance to New Harbor and the Great Salt Pond at the Coast Guard station. Stripers wait for the baitfish that are flushed out as the tides empty these bodies of water. Many spots are rocky, like the boulder fields, and require care to maneuver safely, especially at night.

Many large stripers have been caught around Block Island. Numerous stories have been published about the large stripers caught at Block Island during the early 80's. Stripers chasing sand eels in close to shore, mostly at night resulted in huge blitzes. Numerous stripers in the 50 and 60 pound range were caught. Needlefish lures and teasers ahead of swimming plugs did the damage. Needlefish lures with wire-through construction and with stronger hooks were developed back then to survive the beating the plugs took from these huge stripers.

Large stripers are still being caught at Block Island. On june 16, 2011 Peter Vican caught a 77.4 pound striper, from a boat, in the waters around Block Island. In 2008 Peter had caught a 76 pound 14 ounce striper there

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